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Remind Me How This Ends by Gabrielle Tozer

Layla Montgomery’s life fell apart at thirteen. After her mum died win a shock accident, Layla’s grieving father packed their bags and forced her to leave behind everything she’d ever known. 

Milo Dark has been stuck on pause since the Year 12 exams. His long-term girlfriend moved 300 kilometres away for uni, his mates bailed for bigger things, and he’s convinced her missed the reminder to plan out the rest of his life.

As kids, Layla and Milo shared everything – their secrets, a treehouse and weekends at the river. But they haven’t spoken since her mum’s funeral. That is, until Layla shows up five years later in his parents’ bookshop without so much as a text message. 

Pretty soon they’re drawn into a tangled mess that guarantees someone will get hurt, and while it’s a summer they’ll never forget, is it one they’ll want to remember? 


Remind Me How This Ends by Gabrielle Tozer was published by Angus&Robertson (An imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers) in March 2017


One perk of working in a bookshop – or heaven, as I like to call it – is easy access to the newest novels of the shop. The minute I pulled this gorgeous book out of the styrofoam-filled cardboard box, I knew I had to have it. Another perk of course, is the wonderful discount from yours truly.

Actually footage of how I looked at RMHTE for the first time

Not only was this book undeniably Australian, Remind Me How This Ends was fast paced and intriguing up to the very last page! I suppose the only con I can list is that I needed more! Both Milo and Layla were beautifully written, and while they both had very different circumstances, I felt like there were bits and pieces I could relate to! From feeling a lack of accomplishment, and second guessing decision, Tozer captured what being a teenager really well.

This novel, and Milo Dark, really voiced a majority of the thoughts I began having after graduation. Not everyone wants to study straight away, and I was one of those many individuals, and that’s okay. It also captured the feeling of new found love in forgotten friendships while tackling the serious conversations of grief and heartbreak.

I’d recommend RMHTE to anyone who craves some fluffy romance, beautiful covers, and a bit of heartbreak* too!


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I gave this book a massive 4.5 stars out of 5 and I hope you all have the chance to read this masterpiece.

tenorUntitledRemind Me How This Ends, also known as RMHTE or The Book That Ruined My Life, was my first Tozer novel, and I’m thrilled to say – it definitely won’t be the last.

*Yes, this does mean you may cry.


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