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New Authors I Discovered In 2017

I thought I’d join the TTT gang to commit myself to my blog on a regular basis. What a better way to start a brand new year than to write a blog post as a part of one of my new year resolutions. Let’s see how long this last, aye?

Top Ten Tuesday started in 2011 over on Broke & Bookish and has since become a part of the blogging world, and I’m so excited to finally join the family today with my Top Ten ‘New to me’ authors, so let’s get straight into it.

Angie Thomas

First and foremost, how can I not mention the lovely, passionate Angie Thomas. I absolutely loved her debut, The Hate U Give, or THUG for short. It touches heavily on topics such as hate crimes, police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. The Hate U Give was by far one of my favourite books of last year. It was both a tear jerker and something that made me smile, which also happens to be the words I’d describe Angie Thomas with – who I even had the pleasure of meeting in August!

Melina Marchetta

Melina Marchetta is the author of a handful of Australian classics that my siblings grew up reading in high school, but sadly, she was never an author I picked up until 2017. I read three of her books in quick succession and have never connected to a novel so much! I also met Melina Marchetta twice last year, which was an amazing experience to say the least.

Michael Pryor

I’ve honestly never met an author as brilliant as Michael Pryor, who I first came across in Begin, End, Begin: A #LoveOzYA Anthology and I have no regrets. I had the pleasure of meeting him in June while he featured in at one of our book clubs for The YA Room and I can’t wait to pick up his fantasy books soon. Plus, Michael literally has so much swag and he’s so dapper it honestly kills ME.

Marie Lu

Marie Lu has been one of those authors I’ve always kind of ~known~ but never really picked up until this year as a part of our BoTM. I didn’t mind Warcross, but I feel like I needed a bit more development. That said, I’m still looking forward to reading the sequel and more of her work.

Adam Silvera

I’ve never really been one for contemporary-type books,Fl so I honestly don’t know how I ended up reading from so many contemporary authors, like Adam Silvera. I listened to his latest novel They Both Die at the End and boy. BOIIIII. I did not like it for many reasons, mainly because of that spoiler title. However, as much as I didn’t like his book, I really think Adam is kinda genius, and has unique ideas and I’m looking forward to picking up more of his books in the future – especially his fantasy book that I hear he has coming out.

Sylvain Neuvel

Don’t even get me started on how much this author has ruined me. I listened to the audiobooks of Sleeping Giants and Waking Gods and OH BOY. I need the third novel asap. Sylvain Neuvel created such an extensive world through only dialogue and I was baffled, and completely invested in every single character. If you plan on picking up these gems, definitely look into the full cast audio books, it adds so much life to his work.

Fleur Ferris

I first came across Fleur Ferris at the 2016 Penguin Teen Showcase and was so impressed that I bought two of her novels, Black and Risk that same day. I really love how she uses her skills and work experience to help guide her novel. Having worked in the police force, she’s had heaps of run ins with the themes hidden in her books and you can really feel that in her novels. I devoured Risk and it was actually my first review of 2017 according to Goodreads, PLUS, she’s another Aussie!

Patrick Rothfuss

Patrick Rothfuss sure knows how to keep a book worm waiting. I recently read The Name Of The Wind and loved it. It’s the type of fantasy I live for and I’m so excited to read A Wise Man’s Fear soon, but let me tell you, the fact that his last novel isn’t out yet is daunting, so hopefully that changes this year. *prays to the book fairies*

A S King

A S King is one of the most kind hearted authors I have ever met and she’s just so god damn real and I’m pretty sure I wish she was my mum. I have all her books and even a pet goat she gifted me. For an Australian who doesn’t really meet a lot of International authors, I sure did meet a lot of them in 2017. A S King came down under for Reading Matters to talk about Spec Fic and writing in general, as well as the launch of her novel Still Life of a Tornado and honestly Australia has never been so blessed.

Kendare Blake

And last but not least, I fell in love with Kendare Blake’s writing style. Three Dark Crowns made my favourites list of 2017 and I excited to pick up it’s sequel later this month. I loved how dark it was, and really enjoyed discussing certain themes of it with Becce from Becca The Book Reviewer.


Over all I’m super happy with all the new authors I came across this year, even if some of them have just debuted or have been published since before I was born.

What are some new authors you picked up last year? Let me know if you post Top Ten Tuesdays, I’d love to check out some new bloggers!


6 thoughts on “New Authors I Discovered In 2017

  1. AS King was a new author I picked up last year and SHE IS NOW AN INSTA-BUY!!! Also Mckenzie Lee was another favourite with Gentleman’s Guide being one of my top books of 2017!!

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