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Bookish Goals & Resolutions

Good morning and welcome to my blog! This year I’ve decided to participate in a weekly meme created by Broke & Bookish – although it has recently been given a new home over at The Artsy Reader Girl – where every Tuesday you’re given a bookish topic and today the topic is . . . . . . . . . . BOOKISH RESOLUTIONS!

So here are my top ten bookish resolutions for 2018!

I want to read more.

This is such a basic reading goals but this year I really want to make more of an effort and read each and every single day, even if it is just for fifteen or twenty minutes at a time. I just want to read more and make progress against my ever-growing TBR pile.

I want to read more diversely.

Looking of the books I’ve read last year, I’m really disappointed at the lack of diverse books that I read. I want that to change, I want to actively choose more diverse books. There are some many books I want to read that are written by marginalised authors, so why am I not reading them? The only thing stopping me/preventing me, is me? So here’s to actively changing my reading habits in 2018.

I want to read more fantasy.

This past year I found myself buying all these fantasy books and never reading them. The one adult fantasy book I remember picking up was The Name of the Wind, but my shelf is full of so many more fantasy books, like Red Rising, A Darker Shade of Magic and even Game of Thrones. I read a few young adult fantasy novels last year, but they were horrible, and I can’t wait to read more adult SFF this year.

I want to review more.

This one is pretty simple, I just want to actually review the books I’ve read, even if I read them six months ago. I want to use this blog for reviews, which is why I made it. So look forward to more reviews this year!

I want to post more content.

This one follows off from the review goal. I have a blog for a reason and it’s not like I don’t have the time to write up a post of edit a video. I just need to dedicate the time, rather than spend it doing god knows what.

I want to reduce my TBR.

One main thing I want to really stick to this year to buying less books . . . or at least try to buy less books. Working at a bookstore, I have plenty of time and opportunity to buy books, so I’m constantly enabled my work place which is just rude. So hopefully this year I can buy less and read more of the books I already own.

I want to DNF more books.

I have a terrible habit of finishing books I don’t enjoy, and this year I want to really live by DNF books if I’m not enjoying it. So, from now on, if I don’t like a book, I’m going to put it down!!

I want to finish the completed series I own.

Like I said before, I have too many books. And too many completed series that I haven’t finished or haven’t even started. The plan is that I complete those this year, or get rid of them. NO MERCY WILL BE GIVEN. BE READ OR BE SURRENDERED.

I want to support local bookstores.

I’m not a major online book buyer, mainly because books are really accessible to me! But this year I really want to cut out online book buying as much as possible so I can focus on supporting more book stores that will appreciate it in the long run. I’ve never really been one of those people who actively cuss books out for being too expensive in the Australian market, so I’m not going to let a price tag stop me. If a book I want to read is $19.99, I’m still going to grab it!

I want to read more contemporaries.

Last year, a lot of the books I didn’t enjoy were SHOCK HORROR contemporaries. When I tell people what books I like to read, contemps never make the list, yet somehow they’re my ‘most read’ genre. This year I really want to really look into the YA novels that I want to buy to make sure that I’ll actually like them . . . and to avoid the rage or disappointment that plagued me last year.


That’s all for my TTT this week! What are some of your bookish resolutions for this year? Don’t forget to link me to your Top Ten Tuesday posts! HAVE A GOOD DAY!



7 thoughts on “Bookish Goals & Resolutions

  1. Yay to more posting and reading more fantasy! You’ve already started on Red Rising so things must be going okay XD DNFing books is honestly great, I made myself start doing it in 2016 and its the best, although I did finish a few this year I would have DNF’d if they weren’t review books, man they were boring and I knew they were boring from the first 50 pages. Hope you read and enjoy all the contemporaries and books this year ❤

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  2. i love your goals! Fantasy has always been a difficult genre for me, because some are wonderful (harry potter), but then most of the ones I find are terrible ❤ But I want to give fantasy a good 2018 try 🙂

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  3. I’d like to keep on reading lots – with a variety of genres and styles – to keep the book reviews on my blog varied. I’m tempted to write more blog posts too (I see others blogging daily and feel tempted) but I know I have to keep it to what I can manage in and amongst my university schedule 🙂

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