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The Reading Slump: A Guide

As readers we’ve all felt or caught that deadly – okay…maybe not deadly, but definitely frustrating – feeling we call The Reading Slump. You know, that feeling when you just can’t enjoy reading or reading feels like such a chores. Or when you actually feel like reading but you just CAN’T. 

*Cries in to book that put me in a slump* Please tell me I’m not alone in this. 

This feeling can last weeks, or months. And it’s one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever gone through. My latest experience with this feeling last 3 months. That’s right, 3 big months. The Reading Slump or Slump for short honestly creeps up out of nowhere, and it’s not something you should ever underestimate, and throughout this post, I’m going to share my tips and tricks to pull yourself out of the Slump before it takes your motivation out of the book community. 


All good lists for get rid of things start with hydration. Never disrespect the power of a glass or eight of good old H2O. Staying hydrated helps you stay focused and energised, perfect for holding up your 984 page copy of Sarah J Maas Kingdom of Ash (not that I’m going to be reading it any time soon). But also, water is great and you should drink some. So quick. Take a shot of water for me if you’re reading this.


Are you feeling pressured to read particulars books? Maybe it’s time to pick up something for yourself, a guilty pleasure if you will. (Not that there should be any shame or guilt in reading books that you like….but anyway.) It’s okay to not like a book club pick, or to want to DNF your besties favourite book OF ALL TIME. If it’s putting you in a slump, apologise, give them a hug and pick up a book that you know you’ll actually enjoy.


Don’t you even dare underestimate the power of rereading books that you’ve loved since the beginning of time. If rereading Twilight gets you out of the Slump then you should pick it up and read it. My personal favourite is picking up Poison Study by Maria V Snyder because it’s everything that Throne of Glass wishes it was. So yes, go pick up something that is just engaging and nostalgic. Trust, it helps.


Maybe try a different medium? Audiobooks are brilliant, especially in time of needs such as a case of the….the…the Slump. Actually, audiobooks are great all the time. I love them. Audible and Scribd are such amazing sites to find audiobooks, and libraries stock them too.

It’s still reading, fyi, just incase you saw that tweeting saying that it wasn’t. Just ignore that. 

My favourite audiobooks are Sleeping Giants, Strange The Dreamer, Nevernight and Sadie. Seriously, get a pair of headphones and pick one up. You can thank me by letting me know which book you listened to. 


Maybe take a break. Sometimes life is just overwhelming and we just need to take a moment, mediate, cut out toxicity and chill. The main reason I was in a slump is simply because I had so many things on my mind/plate that I burnt myself out. I wasn’t even functioning lowkey. But a few small changes, and honestly, my TBR has starting feeling loved again. 

I hope at least one of these tips help pull you out of the Slump. And if not … there’s no saving you, Private.

Happy reading (slumping),


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