was 2018 *really* my year?

I think I finally reached that point in my life where I’ve really come to know myself. This year, as quick as it went, really helped me reflect on everything. And I just wanted to share with you all, as friends, what this year has done for me, and meant for me. Hope that’s ok.


Let’s talk about family. 

Through out a majority of my life…I’ve felt really out of touch with my four sisters and my brother. I never felt like I connected with them the way some of my other friends connect with their siblings, or rather the way my sisters connected with each other. Somedays I felt like they didn’t care. Almost like I was a side piece, an extra in a movie.

This year, that changed. I love my family, even on the bad days. I love my family dinners – which happens on Sundays fyi, and you’re all invited – and I love the stories and conversations we have. I love the random snapchats, and the family iMessage group. I love being caught using one of their mirrors, and I love them helping all of improve ourselves. I love that this year, I’ve felt like we may have repaired our relationship, which is very much two sided, and filled with love (even though I’m not in the coffee group.)

Let’s talk about work.

I started my dream job when I was in high school. My teenage years where spent wanting a book store, and recommending all my favourite books to everyone. And when I was in year 12, that dream was made real. I scored a job at Dymocks and loved it. I even stuck around for four years after I was officially hired. I had good customers, bad customers, strange customers and favourite customers. I talk to all the Dymocks girls still, and I’m so glad to have met them. 

And that dream slowly came to an end as my aspirations changed, into the state of unknown and self discovery. I moved into a full time company, who supports me through all the good, and all the bad. A company who encourages growth, and initiative and patience. As much as I loved Dymocks, my new job and friends I’ve made, make the change worth it.

Speaking of books, let’s talk about The YA Room.

If you don’t know, I am the co creator of YA Melbourne Based book club. Early last year I set this up with Sarah Hatch, and have since moved on. We did so many great things, including #YADay18. The YA Room was my life for around 18 months, but slowly became a chore, which sucks considering books are pretty much my world. Which is why I left. Leaving was so refreshing and freeing and one of the greatest acts of self care I think I’ve ever committed. 

The club is still growing and even has some new editions. So check it out, if ya keen. 

Let’s go into dot points, I know these are boring. 

This year I also:

  • Got over that silly obsession with buying every single book
  • Decided to donate half my TBR to those who will really read them
  • Donated everything I didn’t need
  • Washed my bed sheets at least 6 times….at LEAST
  • Reread one of my favourite series
  • Started opening up about my feelings
  • Built a desk all by myself
  • Stopped believing in LUCK.

And last but not least, I decided to choose me. To choose life. 

What has 2018 done for you? 

So much love for you all. I’m always here.


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